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Buyers beware! The products that they sell are NOT authentic. I have used the Frontline they sell for months now and both my dog no cats have some fleas. I was suspicious so I ran a flea comb through my cat and caught a flea. I wiped some of this company's Frontline on it and held it between my fingers for about 15 minutes. Opened my fingers and the flea was alive and well. Also one of my cats... Read more

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I ordered my product and got it in within the 14 business day shipping. The product was authentic and the product worked. I ordered Comfortis at such a reduced rate and I am so thrilled that I will be ordering my future vet supplies from Canadian bet express. Add comment

we brought our dog to this hospital and was charged 136 for exam and pills(vanectyl P and apo cephalexin). my dog has been vomiting for two days within 2 hours after taking the medicine as well as not willing to move. her ear didn't get any better, and became worse because of the medicine (red, swollen and seriously infectious). they also sold us the cone which was broken right on the second day.... Read more

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I spent $154.40 on Heartgard plus and will not use a product from China especially after reading other reviews. was sent from Singapore. Oh, has some BS photocopied paper that says Australia continues to be free of some transmittable diseases WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE FAKE ANIMAL DRUGS, A TOTAL ***, THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS. i HOPE THEY ARE HAPPY WITH MY $154.40 BECAUSE THEY WILL... Read more

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I ordered comfortis for my dog that was guaranteed on their website to be from the manufacturer or wholesaler (I assumed this meant in Canada)-WRONG!- nowhere on the site did it state that their meds would come from Singapore. It also guaranteed that the meds would have a 1 yr exp date-WRONG- it expired in 7mos, so the last tabs would be bad by the time I needed to use them. I emailed customer... Read more

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Anyone wanting to comment about this companies policy of sending pet meds from OFFSHORE, my having rec'd ours from SINGAPORE, from all places, although the product is supposedly made in the U.S. and does not even ship from Canada or the U.S.; well if you bring that to people's attention on their Facebook page on ANY user that you may have :-), they will shortly REMOVE your ability to COMMENT.... Read more

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I ordered $117.60 worth of Revolution for cats; recd order; package was from SINGAPORE; IF there is any real product in the tubes, it is miniscule; I dosed 4 cats on 5/5/12, today is 5/13/12 & they are covered with fleas!!!!! I thought something was wrong when the cats didn't react to the application & there was no nasty smell. Revolution is the only thing that works well for me. I've... Read more

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These people do not know about customer service. When you e mail them or call you always get a new person with a different response. They don't even understand the english language. They are not out of Canada but India. The product takes 14 business days to reach you and it is often expired. Do yourself a favor and don't order from them; I have now had to dispute the charge on my credit card... Read more

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Do not believe the testimonials on their website about quick delivery. Their service is not quick. I am still waiting for my product. After waiting for my product I spoke to customer service. The woman assured me it would only take 7-10 business days for my order to arrive and we were already at that point. Still waiting... Use another company and certainly don't order something that your pet... Read more

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Ordered something, canceled it the same day. Said refund would take 3 days. It's been fourteen. My recommendation--place a fraud report with the bank as soon as possible. They will refund your money faster that way and the company will be reported for the fraud that it is. Supervisor's name over there is Leo Anderson. I say flood his inbox or leave messages for him to call back. Don't waste... Read more

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